European and Chinese partners with long-term experience
in China and expertise relevant to sourcing of products
combine their resources to secure delivery of medical products to Europe
in a reliable, efficient and transparent ways

  • The Consortium brings together several European entrepreneurs and businesses in China and in Europe, all respected professionals in their respective fields of expertise and experienced in sourcingbuying,and expediting of products from China
  • The Consortium is a private and strictly non-for-profit for the public companies and working in complete transparency for the private sector 
  • Our purpose is to connect manufacturersof medical products in China (Suppliers) with the end users (hospitals, medical institutions, charitable organization and other public services or private companies) in Europe (Buyers), in the most transparent and efficient manner possible
  • To avoid all conflicts buyers and suppliers cannot become member of the Consortium
  • The Consortium will not act as a trade intermediary in any way and will not assume any liability whatsoever in regard to the transactions

Transparent Fees

The Consortium charges a fixed fee per transaction to the buyers to cover for its out-of-pocket expenses

Current range of products

The consortium is currently able to provide delivery of the following products: Disposal Masks, Disposable Gowns/Suits and Gloves

Consortium partners



Sourcing, Logistics, Finance, Legal – all in one

Assist the Buyers

Assist the Buyers to identify and properly specify their requirements for the Products and eventually propose to consolidate their orders of products with other Buyers;

Reliable manufacturers

Identify reliable manufacturers for the specific products on the Chinese market and assess their credibility and capacity to effectively supply the requested Products;

Reliable service providers

Identify reliable service providers (custom handling, logistics, …) in and outside China when required;


Coordinate a workable end to end commercial and physical supply chain for the Buyers, including:

  • Facilitating communication about conditions of transaction between the Buyer and the Supplier;
  • Facilitating the conclusion and confirmation of the transaction between the Buyer and the Supplier;

Quality control

Undertake the necessary quality control of the products eventually at the manufacturers when delivery leadtime requirements make it possible;Read More »


Facilitate the financing of the Transactions;

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Our products

Disposable Surgical Masks

Product Type
Surgical Masks

Several references, will be confirmed based on specific requirements.

Product description
Disposable surgical masks

Non-sterile disposable medical protective clothing


Product Type
Non-sterile disposable medical protective clothing

Several references, will be confirmed based on specific requirements.

Product description
Class II medical equipment, used in outpatient rooms, wards, guidance desks and test rooms of medical institutions.
Design and fabrication: Internal zipper closes the external adhesive closure, and the zipper is glued with a flat seam. The clothing is fabricated by cutting, sewing, elasticizing and gluing.
Fabric: SMS non-woven fabric. Durable, unidirectional ventilation. Anti-fine particles and anti-volatile gas
Protective hood: Design with elastic. Can effectively block dust and microorganisms.
Zipper: Simple for wear and take off, not too tight.
Cuff: With elastic. Comfortable and unobtrusive working.
Leg opening: With elastic, allowing comfortable and unobtrusive working, dust-proof.
Sizes: S (160), M (165), L (170), XL (175), XXL (180), XXXL (185)


gant nitrile[14]

white, lightly white

finger-textured, fully textured and etc.



  • medical grade: AQL1.0/1.5
  • industrial grade: AQL4.0


  • medical grade: AQL1.5
  • industrial grade: AQL4.0

100pcs/ box, 10boxes/case
Nitrile gloves are made of 100% acrylonitrile butadiene, a synthetic rubber without natural protein, avoiding skin allergic reaction. It is non-toxic, harmless, durable and exhibits good memory. It has a better durability and possess better resistance against puncture, bacteria, and chemicals, offering better protection for wearers. It has found wide application in major laboratories, hospitals, nursing home and other medical agents in Europe and America, winning high evaluation from customers. Having taken the place of latex gloves, nitrile gloves become the best choice for medical and scientific use.

Sourcing Scenarios

1: Urgent need to cover current shortage

Cost of air freight are very volatile.
The ideal situation = Consolidate the requirements of several entities into one delivery from China to Europe.

2: Refill or boost inventory to avoid future shortage

Build a stronger agreement with suppliers and ensure orderly supply.
Sea or rail freight instead of air freight.
Ideal = Consolidate the requirements of several entities into one delivery from China to Europe.

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