Sourcing & Quality Control

  • The supplier selection, based on sourcing good practices, including review of the supplier’s key data, its documentation and other key pieces of information
  • The Quality control, including on site pre-shipment inspections and, if time allows, optional lab test of samples selected from each batch to be shipped.

Please find the presentation of our methodology by clicking here !

Understand the delivery time frame

All needs are currently urgent, and we will make the maximum to shorter delivery leadtimes. However, with the current surge in demand, this is a clear VENDOR market where factories dictate their terms and they always find a buyers willing to accept these terms. The room for negotiation is tiny and mainly based on prior relation with each specific supplier. In addition, there is no stock of product and factories are allocating future production planning slots to paying customers.

Here the key steps of purchase:

  • When the order is approved and paid, the Consortium launches the order to the producer.
  • At that moment, the Producer will schedule the purchased goods in its production schedule and provide a forecast of availability; this may vary from 5 days to 15 days depending of the size of the purchase order, the size of its existing backlog of purchase orders. Typical production capacity varies depending on the product complexity and the requirements of packaging. As an illustration, a typical production capacity for FFP2 masks will vary between 10,000 and 100,000 units and one to several million of masks per day for disposable masks.
  • Large purchase orders will most often be split in several deliveries – suppliers will want to fill orders from several customers each week.
  • A pre-shipment inspection will take half a day to one day depending to quantities
  • Local transportation to the logistic company warehouse for air freight conditioning
  • Custom clearance in China
  • Air Cargo Flight to Europe. Capacity is limited but exist, depending on destination. There are typically a few days leadtime to secure a specific flight. A few logistics companies are totally overwhelmed and have up to 30 days backlog
  • Custom clearance in Europe, including special quality control (documentation or physical tests)
  • Local transporation to warehouse/

With our huge experience in Export and Import, each step will be minimise to insure the best delivery time.

Which masks do I need?

The need for face masks during this COVID-19 pandemic is enormous. Please find here the information on the performance requirements for a safe medical face mask according to the European Medical Device Directive

Official rules and certification

The Consortium-Cn Legal Entity data

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